Hydraulic cutters-the most prevailing tools on market

As is known to all, the mechanical internal cutter is mainly used for the incision of the certain parts above the downhole stuck pipe, such as production technology string, drill column and so on. As well, if adopted in the timely cutting of bedding bag milling casing of casing construction, with the incision end smooth and flat, the effect is very ideal too, leading to the direct work to next procedure.

Amid all mechanical cutters, one of the most useful one is the hydraulic internal cutter, which is consisted of top connecton, nonmenon and cutting knife as well as piston rod. Besides, such machine possesses many advantages such as intuitive and accurate result of down-hole operation, self-locking mechanical design, which makes the cutters bounce back to the bodyunder the effect of spring and the piston rod. Besides, spiral drilling stabilizer can also install the shear pin between the piston and ontology according to site construction need, making it used with big spring interchangeably, therefore reaching an effect of both cutting free casing and salvaging the downhole casing fish.

Another significant type of mechanical cutters is the hydraulic external cutter, a cutting tool powered by hydraulic power, which is especially used for cutting all kinds of drill pipes or oil tubes from inside to outside. Compared with mechanical extern cutters, its operation is more simple, along with a more quick cutting speed. Due to its smooth work and easyness to control,it has been an efficient and reliable cutting tool and enjoying a high rputation all over the world.

Up to now, due to the characteristics of simple construction, easy operation and so on, the hydraulic cutters basically can be suitable for a variety of pipe materials of different diameters and textures as well as temperatures. Besides, because of the development and development many sorts of problems such as frame processing, circular saw blade selection and so on. What's more, due to the excellent advantages of hydraulic cutters, such machine tools have been widely applied in the maintenance job of the construction of steel pipes and cast iron pipe, enjoying a bright development on the market.

Moreover, during the maintenance work of oilpipeline, the using effect of hydraulic cutters is relatively good, and have greatly reduced the operating difficulty for the workers, as well saved a lot of working time correspondingly, leading to the project quality greatly improved. Therefore, the wide application of hydraulic cutters has obtained very considerable economic benefits as well as social benefits