Sales of oilfield equipment

With the development of oil fields and raise the level of industrial automation, monitoring and management system for remote acquisition and monitoring of the equipment operation data by means of modern communication, network technology and modern computer is born. At present, mostly from the operation of artificial daily check equipment andmeasurement, statistical data, the amount of oil operation inspection,equipment operation, equipment and so on, this will make the laborintensity, and affected the real-time monitoring equipment and production data, and accuracy.

The system design and development based on the following point of view, production monitoring and operating system to the computer,modern communication, network technology, video based monitoring can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the cost, realize the production automation, information, management. In order to achieve this goal, production monitoring and operating system must develop areliable by computer technology, modern communication technology as the foundation, monitoring of the abnormal situation (such as liquid level limit, the pressure is too high too low) the system will automaticallyexecute the corresponding protection. And issued the appropriatecommand remote control command in the master control room, read theproduction data, to realize unattended, greatly reduce the production cost. As the plant leadership and technology, the production department to provide timely, detailed, specific production first-hand data, in order to optimize the parameters of production, achieve high efficiency, energy saving, the purpose of increasing production. The basic structure is as follows:

The system software is powerful, fully reserved interface, friendly interface, simple operation, convenient maintenance, greatly improve thepracticability of the system. The system includes: 1, oil storage tank zone 2, gas-liquid separation Gang 3, heating furnace, boiler (containing 4water injection pump station) 5, unloading station 6, natural gas 7, fire water tank 8, stabilizer 9, sewage treatment 10, total control room(dispatch) monitoring subsystem and other post production the.

This system includes the production process automation, productionsafety monitoring, inspection management system, industrial large screen display integrated management platform system, integrated alarm management, history data management, security management, alarm,operation log function. The dispatch center can be unified dispatch and management of the total system operation, monitoring station postoperation parameters and the running state of the equipment; and thepump, heating furnace, heating boiler, gas stations and other fault conditions, combustible gas concentration (acquisition unit fully reserved)for monitoring and controlling, and can automatically or manually in theaccident the emergency stop function; through the analysis of data processing, scheduling and management decision guidance.