Model GGQH casing scraper is used to eliminate residual cement and clod on internal wall of casing, burr and scale generated during the rolling, bullet inset on casing wall when conducting sand prevention perforation, and iron rust, water scale and hard paraffin on production well casing, and other sundries which may influencing normal construction.

Model GQC Efficient Fishing Magnet is a fishing tool for recovering iron scraps and dirt which are generated during the cleaning operation of petroleum, geological drill and casing repair and cannot be returned by circulating liquid; wherein, magnetic scraps in the dirt will be attached on external pipe in the position of magnetic ring, and those cannot be attached for circulation will deposit inside the recovery barrel and then be brought out of the well. It possesses advantages such as simple structure, convenient operation and reliable performance. It can utilize the permanent magnet of itself to attract small objects which fall off, thus effectively fishing this kind of fallen objects, and realizing the purpose of purifying the bottom hole.